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ArkAb was at MEDLAB in Dubai

ArkAb attended MEDLAB 2020 in Dubai to see its customers and prospects. Thank you for the interesting meetings we had!

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ArkAb was at MEDICA 2019

ArkAb thanks all its contacts who came on booth 3G80 during MEDICA 2019!

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ArkAb catalog online

ArkAb catalog is now available online!

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ArkAb is a French company created in 2018 as a subsidiary of B Cell Design. ArkAb activity started in 2009 under its parent company through its partnership with bioMérieux for which several projects have been developed.

ArkAb develops, manufactures and markets raw materials for research in health and in vitro diagnostics industry. The products are human chimeric monoclonal antibodies (human constant region of the heavy chain) for research or further manufacturing use. They are used:

- as raw materials for immunoassay quality controls for a reliable, secure and reproducible alternative to disease state plasma

- as immunocapture antibodies to avoid HAMA issues (human antibody directed against mouse antibody)

- the same way as other monoclonal antibodies. Thanks to patented technologies, ArkAb is able to develop human chimeric mAbs with complex features (functionality and reactivity, specific antigen, wished human isotype etc...)

ArkAb offers catalog products and custom made development services with flexible and adaptable business models.

ArkAb already developed human chimeric antibodies directed against a wide range of antigens: recombinant proteins, peptides, DNA, hapten, allergens etc...

After immunization and polyclonal answer monitoring, ArkAb do fusions of the lymphocytes with myeloma cell line to obtain hybridomas. Hybridomas are screened for reactivity against the antigen. Then cross reactivity is checked and cell lines are prepared for antibody industrial bioproduction.

ArkAb presents its activity through a movie in English: https://youtu.be/6i_X80HZF4E

and in Chinese: https://youtu.be/shNa7DWOksk

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