ArkAb first award in December 2018!

ArkAb won the International prize during the companies trophy!

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ArkAb attended MEDICA

ArkAb had a booth during last MEDICA in Dusseldorf. Thank you for coming to visit us!

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ArkAb was in Chicago for AACC

ArkAb was in Chicago for the AACC meeting!

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ArkAb is B Cell Design subsidiary focused on the in vitro diagnostic market. ArkAb offers to IVD companies a reliable, reproducible and secured source of monoclonal chimeric human antibodies for several purposes:

  • Calibrators, positive controls and quality controls for in vitro diagnostic immunoassays in replacement of human disease state plasma.
  • Immunocapture antibodies to replace mice antibodies which trigger false positive or false negative answers due to HAMA antibodies.
  • Research reagents (development or renewal of diagnostic kits, improvement of the products portfolio…)

Our technologies are protected by patents.

Here is a movie that presents briefly our activity in Engligh:

and in Chinese here:


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