ArkAb, a division of B Cell Design

ArkAb-B Cell Design team picture
ArkAb B Cell Design team picture

ArkAb is a deep tech company pioneer in the field of synthetic antibodies as an alternative to human disease state plasma for in vitro diagnostic industry.

ArkAb, B Cell Design subsidiary, has been set up in 2018, after being an internal department since 2016. ArkAb develops, manufactures and commercializes innovative raw materials for research in immunology and in vitro diagnostic market.

ArkAb was founded with the vision to make robust engineered chimeric antibodies accessible to manufacturer of diagnostic kits and research laboratories. ArkAb focused on innovative pntented antibody technologies for the development and manufacturing of human chimeric monoclonal IgM, IgG, IgA and IgE to provide solutions for a large panel of indications: infectious diseases, autoimmunity, inflammatory disorders, physiologic disorders, allergies and food intolerances.

ArkAb products are human chimeric monoclonal antibodies (human constant region of the heavy chain) for research or further manufacturing use.

For in vitro diagnostics companies, ArkAb products feature:

  • a reliable, reproducible and secured alternative to disease state plasma used for immunoassays controls (positive controls, quality controls)
  • an alternative to replace mice immunocapture antibodies which trigger false positive or false negative answers due to HAMA (human antibodies directed against mouse antibodies)
  • a solution for mAbs development with complex features, bioassays, wished human isotype…

For research in immunology, ArkAb offers:

  • products developed for B Cell Design projects
  • solution for companion diagnostic test
  • a wide knowledge to develop mAbs for different applications, taking into consideration not only the affinity but also the functionality of the mAbs

ArkAb offers catalog products and custom made development services with flexible and adaptable business models.


B Cell Design, created in 2007, develops drug candidates and focuses on a new mucosal immunotherapy approach, based on IgA1 antibody. 
This leads to develop two groundbreaking drug candidates:

  • A vaccine candidate in infectious diseases field: a worldwide patented HIV vaccine (A new non-HIV vaccine antigen from the vaginal microbiota capable of inducing a mucosal neutralizing protective antibody response against HIV infection – EU Patent 14305174.6, US patent 10273292B2) to prevent or even cure HIV infections. Preliminary studies showed that this approach elicits an efficient local immune response, neutralizing HIV infection of human cells.
  • A drug candidate in oncology field (colorectal cancer) for immunotherapy, radioimmunotherapy applications or medical imaging. (EU patent 2018/061385)

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