ArkAb alternative to disease state plasma

ArkAb alternative to disease state plasma
ArkAb alternative to disease state plasma

ArkAb offers human chimeric monoclonal antibodies as a reliable and sustainable alternative to disease state plasma used as raw materials for immunoassay quality controls.

By quality controls, we mean:

  • Quality control during the kit manufacturing process
  • Positive controls inside the IVD kit
  • Calibrators to standardize assays results
  • External quality controls to monitor the lab results. They are sold separately by the IVD manufacturer or by reagents supplier

 Quality controls are critical raw materials for manufacturers. These reagents are essential for kits marketing to private or hospital labs. Quality controls are mainly made from human biological products (blood…), which can lead to ethical and supply issues. For some parameters (rare or emerging diseases, disease against which people are widely immunized), it’s difficult to find enough disease state plasma in order to answer market needs. This difficulty leads to speculation and supply breaks.  Below is a chart that shows ArkAb human chimeric mAbs advantages:


  Disease state plasma ArkAb human chimeric mAbs
Ethic --
human disease state plasma
manufactured by in vitro cell culture processes
Supply --
batch to batch variability
robust industrial process
batch to batch consistency
Price --
Variability due to speculation
guaranteed fixed price
Risk for assay development team --
human product (not fully known composition),
might be infectious
well known composition,
no risk of human viruses



ArkAb developed a range of products available directly though ArkAb or through partners:

  • SERION Immunologics for the infectious diseases range (ToRCH IgM, MMV IgM, EBV IgM, Zika IgM Dengue IgM, Myco pn. and Chlam pn. IgM) 
  • DIARECT for the auto-immunity range (auto-immune hepatitis, primary biliary cirrhosis, connective tissue disease)
  • directly through ArkAb for neuropathy (GM1 IgM), celiac disease (gliadin IgA and tissue transglutaminase IgA) and allergy (IgE, ovalbumin IgE, peanut antigen IgE)

On top of the catalog, ArkAb offers custom made development services: it means ArkAb will develop the cell lines producing the antibodies targeting your antigen in few months. For more information, please visit the ArkAb custom made development services part here.

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