ArkAb new work organization

ArkAb/B Cell Design working organization

It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the most responsive to change.” Charles Darwin

During the pandemic, ArkAb and B Cell Design had to protect their teams first so adapt working conditions. Early January, when it was only an epidemic, business trips in Asia have been cancelled. Then when it became a pandemic, French government decides a containment and schools were closed. So teammates with children in school had to stay at home, and only few people remain working in the office. As ArkAb and B Cell Design work on living cells, it’s not possible to stop working more than 3 or 4 following days. It was necessary to keep an activity. ArkAb and B Cell Design thank very much the teammates who keep the activity continue in good conditions.

ArkAb and B Cell Design rent their office and labs within a public building receiving patients. Until this year, they shared the lunch room with ArkAb and BCD team. With the pandemic, this room has now only 6 people capacity. So ArkAb and B Cell Design team members stop using this room

It was important to adapt working conditions to ensure people safety while working at their desk or in the lab. Team has been divided in two ones, and people working in the administrative part ( accountant, sales, management) were encouraged to work from home the most part of their time. But it was still possible to come to the office to maintain a social life which is essential to keep people motivated and in a good mental spirit. People in administrative part have been administered to one team and can come to the office only with their team.



For the technical team, working hours have been separated in two shifts : 6h30-12h30 and 13h-19h and change of shift one week on two.

Regular web meetings have been planned to keep the whole team updated on projects, more emails than usual are exchanged with everybody in copy, and regular phone calls are made.

The traditional lunch for B Cell Design birthday has been cancelled and all the team is looking forward to have it when it will be possible in safe conditions.

All these measures were important for B Cell Design and ArkAb to protect their teams. The development of NEW PRODUCTS to help in the fight against COVID-19 showed that the team is  responsive to change (strong and intelligent as well, it’s not the question!).

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