Development of specific human chimeric mAbs

Development of specific human chimeric mAbs

Ref. Dev-chIg

ArkAb can develop  for you the human chimeric mAbs directed against the antigen you will provide. 

In case of a new immunoassay development, our technology will allow you to develop one tool that will have five features:

  • positive control,
  • calibrator and
  • quality control of your antigen production
  • quality control of your kit production
  • external control

This is a time and cost effective solution. 

Only 1 month after we received your antigen, we will be able to send you polyclonal samples so that you can already check if we have the good candidate for your application. You will select the mice that will be used for further development. Then, after two months, you will receive the first monoclonal samples. You will choose the clones that will be saved and used for the master bank.

At the end of the development, ArkAb obtain the cell lines that will produce your specific human chimeric mAbs. You  have the exclusivity on the products. Because of IP, ArkAb remains the owner of the cells, you are the owner of the results, that are the antibodies.

For each project, ArkAb will provide you with complete technical description, schedule and corresponding price offer. 


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