tissue transglutaminase IgG1

tissue transglutaminase IgG1

Price: EUR 590.00

Ref. G_tTG_B6F3

Human chimeric monoclonal IgG anti-tissue transglutaminase, clone B6F3

Available under purified form or supernatant. 

Price is given in €/mg for 0.1 mg of purified form. For bulk quantities, please contact ArkAb with the add to quote form on the right.

Obtained from hybridomas developed by GammaPrim® mice immunization with tissue transglutaminase (Operon).

Tissue transglutaminase (tTG) is a enzyme released from cells during inflammation. tTG is suggested to exert at least two crucial roles in celiac disease: as a deamidating enzyme, that can enhance the immunostimulatory effect of gluten, and as a target autoantigen in the immune response. 


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